Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Poetry, January 2015


I took my seat upon the zafu:
Dhyana mudra, spine upright.

I figured pretty soon I’d get to
Shine with kensho-ish delight.

Every being in the cosmos
Smiled with glee at my mistake:
Even though I didn’t know it,
I was sitting for their sake.


God have mercy on all these:
The ones I love and aim to please,

The ones who love me just as much,
The ones I hate and loathe and such,
And also those who hate me back,
May they never suffer lack,
And those whom I’m indifferent to,
But also those without a clue
Of my significance as well.
Save them from the flames of hell,
And let their love shine like the sun.
I think that covers everyone.

Five Barcaloungers

After my mother died,
We cleaned out her apartment,

And found the dining room
Crowded with overstuffed
Recliners. As many of them

As there are fingers
On my right hand.
Every time she fell out of one,
It turned out, she’d bought a new one,
Because her falling out of it
Could only have been
The fault of the chair.
I took that risible display
To be her final, cantankerous,
Revelation to those of us left behind:
A sign of how we all mostly live.

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