Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Three New Poems

An Offering to My Enemies

Until I’m able
To understand
The boundary
Between us
As a line
Drawn down
The middle
Of my own heart,
I’ve missed the point.

I’m working on it...

An Event of 1727

Hakuin on his zabuton,
The Lotus Sutra in his lap,
Grasped the words he looked upon
And got enlightened in a snap.
With this kensho came the seeing
That his practice was deluded
If a single sentient being
From it ever was excluded.
So--with Fuji in the distance--
There was nothing else to­ do
But practice on with great persistence
Till some others got it too.


If you’re afraid of losing it:
Don’t be.
Losing it won’t matter.
If you worry about
Someone else losing theirs:
Same thing.
If you have to brace yourself
Against threats to it:
Don’t. Just relax;
Get laid or join Scientology.
If someone tells you to pray to receive it:
Tell them you have other plans.
If they say it will manifest if you
Behave as though it’s there,
Ignore them.
The only thing
That ever comes from that method
Is a life of pretending.
If it needs to be articulated
(as it may),
Speak your words
And then step aside.
Don’t let your articulation
Get in the way of it.
If you feel the need to defend it--
Against anything--
You’re missing the point.
For it’s really just
The only possible response
To your encounter with something
Infinitely more certain
Than tomorrow’s sunrise,
And no one’s worried about
The sun coming up tomorrow.

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